About - Praneeth Rajsingh

Photography is an interest that somewhere along the lines morphed into a passion bordering on obsession for me. As an actuary-in-training and someone who has spent all his life in more technical and analytical roles, photography started off as a creative reprieve and catharsis. 

My approach to photography mirrors who I am as a person - it is technically driven, structured, uncompromising and I am constantly in the pursuit of extracting the most I can out of any given situation, subject or piece of equipment. While the concept always takes priority over the execution, I believe that they are both symbiotic and a good idea with mediocre execution is no better than a bad idea with masterful execution. 

My primary photographic influences are Nick Brandt, Sebastian Salgado and Ming Thein.

The images on this site are a small sample of what I've managed to create over time. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions, projects you think I might be a good fit for or if you wish to purchase prints. I am currently split my time between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bangalore, India, but am available for assignments and commissions globally.

Comments, suggestions or even an e-mail to say hi is always welcome.


E-mail: praneeth.rajsingh@hotmail.com

Mobile (Malayisa): +60176736734

Mobile (India): +919980922017

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